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Time has finally returned to normal. You will find our office at Počerny 150, Karlovy Vary, where I will be happy to receive you or your pet for personal therapy. Počerny is a peripheral part of Karlovy Vary, which is also accessible by public transport in the direction of Chodov or Vřesová.

I wish you a beautiful Christmas and until the new year 2022 I wish you good health, love and peace of mind. I look forward to meeting you in 2022.

P. S. If you know who you are and where you are going, he will be in favor of you next year.

Postcovide treatment

Due to the situation, I offer the unblocking and treatment of postcovide mental and physical problems and the consequences of covid, and the negative consequences of vaccines against covid.

I do not limit consultations, I do not close them.

Please note that the world is fine with us and we do not require clients to submit vaccinations or tests. Take a veil or respirator with you. You are fully responsible for yourself and therefore I ask you, if you are sick, cold or not feeling well, we will move the therapy. Thank you. L.

I am happy to announce that we have started other possibilities of self-knowledge. If you are interested in personality analysis using Feng Shui, click on the tab Feng Shui. We are pleased that you are interested in these analyzes and believe that you will understand more about yourself, support your relationships and strengthen them, and that thanks to the power of the right time you will plan the most suitable date for weddings, important meetings, starting a business and other life situations. G + L

I now also offer pet owners and those who do not have the opportunity to unblock their mental and physical problems that bother them.

We now offer you the opportunity to give your loved one a gift voucher for animal therapy.


Many of you do not yet know what to imagine under Reiki. Reiki energy is a universal healing energy that helps both physical problems and supports the psyche. During the application everyone feels different feelings, some pleasant warmth, some pressure at the application site, some tingling and the like. Reiki can be applied either physically, ie by touch or remotely. Application time is 15-20 minutes. During this time, the body absorbs enough energy. This is true for both humans and animals. If you are interested in supporting your pet or supporting yourself, write me an email at I will send you a schedule of Reiki applications or we will arrange a personal meeting.

We wish you beautiful sunny days.

From 1.9.2021 I now offer you personal therapy for your pet. The therapy takes place in such a way that you come to my office, you can leave the animal at home, because my photos are enough for me. During this therapy we can talk about various other ways to solve the problem of your pet and I can answer your questions immediately.

Until the new year 2021, we wish you, your families and your pets good health, lots of joy, well-being and satisfaction. LG

Just as the souls of your pets suffer from various ailments, so our human ones sometimes bother something more or less. We can also deal with human suffering.

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