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The term Astrotype comes from the teachings of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese teaching dealing with the interaction of time, man and space. To determine these interrelationships, it uses elements if you want elements and animals. It was invented by Chinese scholars for its emperor as a means of longevity. The recipe for longevity was based on the interaction of the elements.

An astrotype is such an analysis of an individual. The year, month, day and hour of birth will suffice for this analysis. Everything can be easily read from these few numbers. And believe it or not, it really fits :-). At the date of birth, the energies that were working on us at that moment are hidden, and we have taken them over and are affecting us throughout our lives. We can only accept these energies and learn to work with them for our benefit.

The purpose of the Astrotype is basically simple, to know yourself. Know how and why we act or will act in certain situations, what direction we should take in life, what we will enjoy, what we have or do not have talents for, and also how we will work with the people around you.

Relationship correlate

The correlation correlate is the mutual evaluation of the energies of two Astrotypes with each other. Based on this analysis, you will see how you interact with your counterpart in terms of energy, because the interaction of energies is manifested by behavior and feelings in the relationship.

You will understand, for example, why your partner always has the last word or why you feel great and full of energy by his side. You will discover the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. With this analysis, you can arrange a remedy to keep your relationship harmonious.

Relationship correlation is most often done in relationships or between parents and children or between siblings. You can also create a correlate with your pet to find out what it is in essence and how it is.

Moment calculation

Everyone wants everything to be great on their significant day, and it will benefit the future. We can calculate the ideal day for such situations. It is a comparison of your energies with the energies of a specific day, including the hour, so that it is the day or moment that is most suitable for you.


Here, the Astrotypes of the two couples for the year and the period they chose for the wedding are compared. Then the most suitable day is sought for both fiancés. This day should be in harmony for both, so that the relationship nourishes, strengthens and fulfills the ideas of both partners.

Pa Kua

Pa Kua's method focuses on the space in which we live or work. Using this method, we can assess whether we live a harmonious life and at the same time we can make changes that will lead to a harmonious life. Here we will find areas where the sources of our problems may be hidden. Using simple axles, we adjust the flow of energy that is needed for these areas.

The space in which we live is divided into 9 areas of life that represent our values ​​of life - Career, Relationships, Past, Abundance, Center, Helpers, Future, Wisdom and Achievement. In each area, we find out whether the energy is flowing or stagnating. We can find out, for example, by equipment, facilities, details and its arrangement.

The remedies we propose in each area can improve your relationship, career, finances or health. As the energies in each area move or calm, your life will change.

To prepare the analysis, we need a floor plan of your house, apartment, office or establishment with the designation of the world parties.

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