People therapy

I primarily started working on unblocking and healing animals. During my practice, I have confirmed that many animal ailments are connected to their owners. That's why I also took the path of unblocking and healing people, so that the therapy of your pets is complete. I offer my services not only to pets and their owners, but also to people without pets who want to relieve their soul and body.

People come to me with their physical, psychological, relational, partner and other problems. During the therapy, we analyze the problem and, using the SRT method, I unblock the causes of the problem and harmonize the energies. In case of physical problems, in addition to the SRT method, I also use the Body Restructuring method, which allows me to align and heal the physical body and thereby relieve the painful manifestations of the problem. In order for the therapy to be full-fledged, I will recommend herbs, food supplements, and I will also advise you on simple exercises to eliminate pain in the musculoskeletal system.

These methods can help before exams, competitions and during preparation for them. By removing stress, negations and negative emotions and an overall positive mood, there is a change in attitude, improved performance and faster regeneration.

Among the common problems clients come to me with are business, employment and financial issues. Problems in these areas are often associated with envy of other people, learned patterns of behavior and an approach to money as such. All these negations have an effect on the financial and work side of life and therefore, for example, you cannot achieve a balanced income or you cannot break through to the market with a new product.