Animal therapy

Do you have a sick pet at home that needs help? You don't get along with him? I'm here for you.

You have surely come across the fact that, after the arrival of a new member in the household, your pet started behaving differently, started to react timidly to loud noises for no reason, became aggressive, became apathetic, nervous or other changes appeared in it behavior you don't know from him.

Just like humans, animals of all kinds go through various situations during their life that can be traumatic for the animal. Any traumatic experience can cause sudden changes in behavior in the animal, which can make further life together with its owner unpleasant.

The pet can also get injured or start to show the effects of age.

These traumas or physical problems can be energetically unblocked and re-healed and the animal relieved. In the case of senile or degenerative changes, significantly relieve.

There is also the possibility of using energy healing to support and harmonize the animal's health and behavior. We can supplement the animal's energy at a time when, for example, it is under a greater training load, in a post-operative state, during pregnancy or after childbirth, regeneration of post-injury states and the like.

Energy treatment for pets is carried out so-called remotely, which means that you and your four-legged pet can be at home or in another place that you specify. You can go about your day as usual without any restrictions. The only thing you can observe on the animal during treatment is that it may be slightly nervous, tired or sleepy. You can observe this state for some time, during which the energies are purified - released. At this time, the pet may be more thirsty.

I also offer therapy in the form of a personal consultation. It means that you come to me with your pet or just with a photo of it. During this consultation, you will see how I work on your pet and on that occasion we will discuss his entire problem and I will advise you what and how to proceed.

What can be energetically treated:

mental problems

physical problems

post-traumatic and postoperative conditions

age-related conditions (degenerative problems)

mental and physical preparation before races, exhibitions, etc.


reaction to sudden sounds (fireworks, doors slamming, lids slamming, sounds of mixers, vacuum cleaners,...)

supporting the animal during pregnancy, birth or when the cubs are already born

treatment of viral and bacterial diseases and removal of parasites from the body

replenishment of Reiki energy

energy harmonization of aura and chakras

and much more