Treatment methods

Energy healing

SRT is complete and I dare say that one of the most effective methods of working with consciousness and subconscious. With the help of your soul and the Higher Self, we are able to find out why some situations keep recurring in life, why we are sick, what programs and blocks affect us, why we fail to achieve our goals, why we have problems in relationships, at work. Why are we unlucky and a lot of other situations that prevent us from moving forward and living life to the fullest with abundance and Love. Thanks to this knowledge, we can then release and remove negative blocks. It is a method that is able to find all the traumas not only in this life, but it can go back to past lives, where we are then able to unblock and eliminate these traumas.

With the help of SRT we can find all the traumatic experiences and programs that are stored in our karma. Based on your knowledge, it can cleanse, harmonize or remove them.

Using the SRT method, we purify everything, disharmonious programs, negative emotions, blocking energies in the past, present and future. Unlocks pre-programmed diseases and self-destructive programs. As a result, illness or negative situations no longer serve as an aid to self-awareness, and thus it is not necessary for us to experience it. The SRT method works at all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

This method taught me to work with the souls of the dead, embodied souls, different entities. The changes I felt in myself as I purified and continued to purify myself were very powerful and accelerated my spiritual development. My intuition, inner vision and hearing began to work wonderfully. The third eye opened. And even though I've been working with her for years, she still brings me a lot of surprises and miracles.


Many of you do not yet know what to imagine under Reiki. Reiki energy is a universal healing energy that helps both physical problems and supports the psyche. During the application everyone feels different feelings, some pleasant warmth, some pressure at the application site, some tingling and the like. Reiki can be applied either physically, ie by touch or remotely. Application time is 15-20 minutes. During this time, the body absorbs enough energy. This is true for both humans and animals. If you are interested in supporting your pet or supporting yourself, write to us at We will send you a schedule of Reiki applications or arrange a personal meeting.

Spiritual Body Restructuring

Spiritual Restructuringis a combination of SRT and work on the physical body, where self-healing processes, post-disease remediation, body harmonization, internal organs and bone structure take place.

Thanks to this method, miracles happen.

The method is suitable for

  • removal of back pain
  • muscle pain
  • joint problems
  • headaches and migraines
  • release of organs
  • energy correction in individual parts of the body, organs
  • release of programs under the individual institutions
  • phantom pain