How therapy works

Therapy takes place in two ways, either through personal consultation or remotely. Both methods of therapy work exactly the same.

Personal therapy

We will arrange the date and hour of the therapy by phone. On the agreed date, you will come to my office at the address, viz. contact, where I will work with you or your pet. If you come because of your pet, either take it with you or its photo is enough. In the case of your therapy, I don't need anything but you.

Remote therapy:

We will arrange a date for therapy by phone or email. By the agreed date, send me the necessary information about the therapy by email. At the agreed time, I will work on your pet or you - unblock and treat. After that I will send you information about what I found or what the cause was and what I did with you or the pet. I will add advice on how to continue working with your pet or recommend the next course of action.

What is needed to perform distance energy healing:

  • the name of the animal or you
  • birthdate
  • residential address
  • with the animal and its photo
  • for the animal, state the names of the household members or other animals (the change in behavior may also be associated with a new household member)