About my work

I primarily started working on unblocking and treating animals. During my practice, I have established that many animal ailments are associated with their owners. That's why I set out on the path of unblocking and healing people so that the therapy of your pets is complete. I offer my services not only to pets and their owners, but also to people without animals who want to relieve their soul and body.

What can be treated with energy:

  • mental problems
  • physical problems
  • post-traumatic and post-operative conditions
  • age-related conditions (degeneration problems)
  • allergy
  • reactions to shock sounds (fireworks, door slams, lids slams, mixer sounds, vacuum cleaners, ...)
  • support for the animal at the time of pregnancy, childbirth or when the pups are already born
  • treatment of viral and bacterial diseases and removal of parasites from the body
  • Reiki energy replenishment
  • energetic harmonization of the aura and chakras
  • and much more

    How does the treatment work?

    Therapy takes place in two ways, either in person or remotely. We will arrange the exact date of the therapy for the therapy of your pet or you by phone. Send me a photo and the necessary information about the animal by the agreed date, in case of remote work. I will work on your pet or on you at the agreed date - unblock and treat. After that, I'll send you information about what I found or what was causing it and what I did to you or the pet. I will add advice on how to continue working with your pet or I will recommend you the next step.

    What is needed to perform energy healing at a distance:

    • the name of the animal or you
    • birthdate
    • address of residence
    • in the animal and its photograph
    • for the animal, state the names of household members or other animals (a change in behavior may also be associated with a new household member)

    During the personal consultation, you will come to me on the agreed date. If you come for your pet, either take him with you or just photos of him. In the case of your therapy, I don't need anything but you.

    I work with the sophisticated SRT method and Body Restructuring. Using these methods, I unblock the causes of mental and physical problems.